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January 17, 2002

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Board of Advisors Meeting
January 17, 2002

6:00 P.M.        Dinner
Private Dining Room, Harris-Jefferson Student Center

6:45 P.M.        Business Meeting
Hebert Gallery



Call to Order 

Approval of December 6, 2001 Minutes 

President's Update
Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association
Campus Visit, February 10-13

Policy Review 

Meeting Date 

Executive Session 


Bluefield State College
Institutional Board of Advisors

January 17, 2002 

Members Present:        Mr. John Barnes, Vice Chairman, Dr. Lyn Guy, Ms. Ruth Payne Brown, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Dr. Steve Bourne, Ms. Carol Baldwin, Mr. Burt Clark, Mr. Frank Wilkinson 

Members Absent:        Mr. Norris Kantor, Reverend Garry Moore, Ms. Ann Crowe, Mr. Aaron Judy, Mr. Frank Wilkinson 

Guests:            Dr. Robert Moore, Mr. Jim Nelson, Ms. Vivian Sidote 

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Barnes at 6:50 p.m. 

Mr. Barnes asked for members to look at minutes of December 6 since they were not mailed to them prior to the meeting. A motion was made and second (Caffery/Guy) to approve the minutes as presented. 

President's Update 

The Higher Learning Commission of North Central will be on campus for a visit Monday, February 11-13. Dr. Flickema, President of Blackhill State University and chair of the committee has requested that the committee meet with members of the Board of Governors.. All members should have received the self-study report. This is being presented to the faculty and it is also being discussed with classified staff and student government. It is also on our web site. Dr. Moore indicate The Higher Learning Commission is the regional accreditation agency. The maximum accreditation received is 10 years which we have received the last three times. 

There was discussion concerning The Higher Learning Commissions meeting with Board of Governors and representatives of the Policy Commission. It was decided that a Sunday night dinner/meeting would work best for the members. On Wednesday the visiting committee will meet with Dr. Moore and give an exit interview with final decision sometime in the summer. 

Dr. Moore gave out a copy of Higher Education Policy Commission Budget Request Compared to Governor's Recommendation - Institution Detail Fiscal Year 2002-2003. The Governor has proposed in his budget and at this point the leadership is supporting exclusion of community colleges and components from the 3% which in Bluefield State's case is 65% of total enrollment. There were discussions concerning the budget. 

A Dr. Martin Luther King candle light ceremony will be held on the Martin Luther King bridge at 6:00 p.m. on January 21 with a walk to the campus and a program.Reverend Garry Moore will give remarks at the bridge and the NAACP will be represented. 

Have had three meetings with the City Board of Bluefield. We have begun contacts of land owners of some of the property we discussed previously. We have secured an appraiser to look at the facility. We have been contacted by a facility that maybe leaving the city who would like to sit down and talk to us. 

Felica Blanks went to an HUD meeting and made some contacts with urban renewal types of activities. 

Have formed the West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education, Inc. 

Received $110,000 from the Benadum Foundation to match $150,000 we received from Bob Evans for this year. Have met with the governor's staff and waiting for them to approve Center receiving Appalachian Regional money. We have been promised from Washington that if we receive the governor's approval that we will be awarded. It could be between $100,000 and $300,000 which would go to the Center in support of making access possible. 

We have received for the Bluefield State College Research Development Corporation $400,000 from HUD to look at facilities and develop the corporation. We have extended four invitations to individuals to join this Board to fill out the ten members of the board. 

Dr. Moore is on the board of the local hospital and is president of the regional physicians services, inc. that is in the process of creating a malpractice project for physicians at Bluefield Regional Medical Center. 

Dr. Moore has been appointed by the Appalachian Education Laboratory to a Board of Governors to oversee tremendous national science foundation grants that will involve VA, WV counties along with Bluefield State College in math, science, and technology initiative to improve the instruction and encourage promising students to go into technology programs. 

We are 110 FTE ahead of last year. We had a tremendous retention rate between fall and spring semester. 

We have received two million from Senator Bird for a consortium of Marshall University, West Virginia Institute of Technology, Concord College, Bluefield State College and Southern WV Community College to create an educational facility in Beckley. 

Dr. Moore has not given up on the McDowell County Educational Facility. He said this facility is needed. 

The Student Health Center is opened. We are in a cooperative venture with Mercer County Health Department. 

Discussed a study by the National Association Lumar Foundation which concerns accessability and affordability. Nationally, West Virginia was assessed as one of the most accessible and affordable of higher education in the State. Bluefield State came out very well. Dr. Moore said he would distribute the summary and report. 

Purchase 100 computers. ATM is all in place and all we need now is to have Citizens and Verizon to hook us up. This will connect us to Beckley and Lewisburg. 

Ruth Payne Brown asked if we had a Bond for building student housing. Dr. Moore said this Board would have to make a decision on that. 

Working on a Smoke Secession Program with hospital care center where a lot of hospital health care employees have an extremely high amount of smokers. 

Working on using Title III monies to hire grant writers. 

Policy Review Steve Bourne and Carol Baldwin gave us a disk with corrections to policies. It was agreed to send members a disk (which is in Word). Hard copies are available if members want a copy. 


Dr. Moore said we need to start looking at Bylaws. There are other colleges that have their bylaws. The Governing Board ask Dr. Moore to send out bylaws from other college. 

Meeting Date 

The next meeting will be February 28. Dr. Bourne asked that the meeting announcement be put in the Bulletin. 

Executive Session 

A motion was made and second (Baldwin/Guy) to go into an executive session at 7:45 p.m. to discuss personnel issues. 

A motion was made and second (Guy/Caffrey) to go into regular session 8:00 p.m. 

With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 8:05 p.m. 

Respectfully submitted,

Norris Kantor