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Monday, December 05, 2016
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Office of International Initiatives

sjamkhandiPhone: 304-327-4036

Coordinator: Sudhakar R. Jamkhandi, Ph.D.




  1. Collaborate with offices of Student Affairs/Enrollment Management; Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; and, Title III to
    1. Recruit international students (including redesigning of college web site page for international students), maintain SEVIS Certification (and also acquire training in SEVIS)
    2. Conduct International Student Activities
    3. Promote Strategies to Integrate and Retain International Students
    4. Prepare for appropriate advising of the fall cohort’s courses
    5. Work with the coaches to suggest appropriate program requirements for incoming international student athletes

  2. Collaborate with VP for Academic Affairs/Provost to Internationalize the Curriculum to
    1. Provide Academic advising and guidance to international students relating to academic matters
    2. Develop and sustain the International Studies degree and minor in international studies
    3. Develop and sustain Foreign Language Programs
    4. Develop and sustain Study Abroad and Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs
    5. Develop and sustain International institutional partnerships to support Study abroad and faculty-led study abroad, student exchanges, faculty research collaboration, and faculty exchanges with in five areas of the world to internationalize each of the College’s five Schools

  3. Administrative
    1. Provide data (number of International students at BSC; International Activities report for COMPACT) on OII activities to Office of Institutional Research
    2. Disseminate OII activities to BSC Media Relations Office
    3. Liaison with WV HEPC Director of International Office to promote BSC’s international initiatives
    4. Fund raising by Office of Institutional Advancement and Planning to establish scholarships for study abroad
    5. Create Advisory Committee comprised of various offices with which OII must collaborate
    6. OII web page updates/maintenance

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