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Friday, December 19, 2014
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June Oblinger Shott Center for Extended Learning

Located in facilities on the second floor of the Ned E. Shott Physical Education Building, the June Oblinger Shott Center for Extended Learning, a part of the Instructional Technology Center, provides a much needed link for learners unable to attend classes at Bluefield State College's main campus.

From the electronic distance learning classrooms, students and instructors on the Bluefield campus can interact with their counterparts in Beckley and Lewisburg. An entire audiovisual suite with document camera, PC computer, videocassette recorder, and DVD player are available at the instructor's fingertips. A second classroom, just down the hall, can serve as an overflow area for the main classroom, an independent classroom for additional telecourses, a video conference room, or simply as a traditional classroom.

The Center also features a more traditional television studio with full digital production and editing systems, as well as the Newtek Video Toaster, used by many major studios, and considered one of the most advanced pieces of equipment available for small-studio television production.

In addition to its classroom services, the Center is also the home of Bluefield State College's many community service television programs. Among the programs produced regularly and aired over Comcast Cable channel 96 are the Bluefield Board of Directors meetings, and "The Bluefield State College Spotlight", a regular series featuring items of public interest originating at Bluefield State College. Other programs of community interest are taped and scheduled for broadcast on an "as needed" basis. The Center is also the home of BSC Internet radio which produces radio shows available from the BSC website home page.

Print media design services are also available through the Center. A high quality color scanner in conjunction with a Macintosh PC and many of the most popular production programs provide outputs in high-resolution black and white laser print, color inkjet print, or encapsulated PostScript for service bureaus.

The BSC videotape collection and CD collection are housed in the Center and are available for faculty checkout and student use in-house.


  • The Instructional Technology Center, including Self-Study and Production areas, is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00am to 9:00pm and Friday from 8:00am to 4:00pm during the Fall and Spring Semesters.
  • Weekend hours are sometimes arranged, but are not a part of the regular schedule.
  • Hours for the Center for Extended Learning are the same, unless otherwise posted.

Programs and Courses

Bluefield State College offers many courses by distance learning modalities which meet the requirements for the Regents Bachelor of Arts degree. Please e-mail Bill Bennett at to determine whether a BSC distance learning course is right for you.

Distance learning at BSC is offered by two primary delivery modalities:  the BSC Interactive
Video Network (IVN); and Moodle and Blackboard. Most courses use one of these primary delivery modalities, but many of the courses combine one or more of the modalities with a Web component, a print component, and/or an e-mail component.

BSC Interactive Video Network (ITV) consists of electronic classrooms at campuses in Bluefield, Beckley, Lewisburg, and other sites. Faculty originate courses from one site to other sites. Students enroll in available courses at the nearest site to them which reduces travel time for the student and enables them access to courses which would not normally be available to them.

Online courses are offered through 2 different means: 1)Blackboard and 2)Moodle. Blackboard and Moodle are Learning Management Systems (LMS) that enables courses to be delivered online through easy-to-use teaching tools, leaning tools, and course management tools.

For more information please contact Audrey Biggs or Cody Chambers.


Equipment and materials are checked out to the faculty for periods of one week.

Students are allowed to use equipment and materials in the ITC or CEL only.

Members of the community are sometimes allowed to check out equipment and materials, but must be willing to accept financial responsibility for any losses or damages to equipment or materials in their possession.

Permission to check out equipment and materials by persons outside the college can only be obtained through the Director.