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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Facilities Master Plan Bluefield State College's Campus Facilities Master Plan as submitted to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in March 2015.
School of Nursing & Allied Health   The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers degrees in nursing and radiologic technology. Programs offered include: baccalaureate and associate degrees in nursing, baccalaureate in radiologic sciences, and the associate degree in radiologic technology.

The W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business The nationally accredited W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business offers a B.S. degree in Accountancy, a B.S. degree in Business Administration (with majors/minors in Accounting, Management and Marketing) and a B.S. degree in Health Services Management.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science The engineering technology programs offer associate and baccalaureate degrees in a variety of technological fields. Associate degrees may be earned in architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology.

School of Education The School of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education (K-6) or Early/Middle Education. The program prepares graduates to teach at the Elementary (K-6) grade level and/or the Middle School (5-9) grade level in one of four required areas of specialization: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, and Social Studies.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science Students graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science are prepared for positions as systems analysts, software designers, network professionals, and webmasters depending on the education path taken.

School of Arts & Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences offers courses in art, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, English, French, geography, geology, history, humanities, journalism, mathematics, music, natural science, physical science, physics, political science, psychology, social science, sociology, Spanish, and speech.

Bluefield State College Bluefield State College was established as a black teachers college by an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1895 and was integrated after 1954. By the 1960's the College had a comprehensive four-year program of teacher education, arts and sciences, and engineering technology. Gradually a variety of two-year technical programs evolved in response to local needs.

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December 07 2016

(BLUEFIELD)—Spring Semester 2017 general registration will be conducted at Bluefield State College campuses in Bluefield and Beckley on Thursday and Friday, January 12-13, 2017 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.). Faculty will be in their offices to assist advisees. Students who completed early registration for Spring...
December 07 2016

(Bluefield)--The West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education (WVACHE) of Bluefield State College recently hosted an informal Candid Community Conversation: Education and Workforce: WV Working Together at the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center, Beckley, WV. A concerned audience comprised of loca...
December 06 2016

(Bluefield)—A contingent of 122 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from Bluefield State College took part in the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's in Bluefield at Mercer Mall. Five BSC teams, captained by Dr. Tracey Anderson, Sheila Gates, Angelina Elkins, Sandy Wynn, and Tabatha Carter raised...
Dr. Michael Smith's Poetry to be Included in Appalachian Nat...
November 29 2016

(Bluefield)--Dr. Michael Smith is well established as an author, having written seven books that address topics as diverse as literary theory and guidebooks. Soon, he will add the distinction of being a published poet, as well. The Bluefield State College Professor of English was recently notified ...
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JANUARY 19, 2006

Members Present:  Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. Jack Caffrey (conference call), Mr. Edward Knight III, Mr. Jack Stafford, Mr. Jeffrey Forlines, Ms. Anne Crowe, Mr. James Palmer III , Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mr. Eli Sharp, and Dr. Norman Mirsky

Members Absent: The Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Norris Kantor

Guests Present: Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. John Cardwell, Mr. Jim Nelson, Dr. Tom Blevins, Dr. Don Smith, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Mr. David Lord, Dr.  Felica Blanks, Ms. Remona Finney, Ms. Deirdre Guyton, Ms. Sue Guyton,  Mr. John White, Ms. Anita Barilla, and Mr. Chris DeWeese and Ms. Amy Willard (auditors from Suttle and Stalnaker)

Call to Order – Vice Chair Jeffrey Forlines
 Mr. Jeffrey Forlines called the meeting to order at 6:45 p.m. in the Private Dining Room of the BSC Harris-Jefferson Student Center.
Approval of Minutes – November 17, 2005 (December Meeting Cancelled Due to Inclement Weather)
 Mr. Forlines asked for additions or corrections to the November 17 minutes. Mr. Frost called the attention of the group to the last page where Mr. Frost’s name was misspelled. With this correction noted motion was made (DFrost/LGuy) to approve the minutes as amended. Motion carried.
Oath of Office – Ms. Anne Crowe
 Notary Public Ms. Remona Finney administered the Oath of Office to Ms. Anne Crowe as a newly appointed Board of Governors member.
Audit Report from Suttle & Stalnaker
 Mr. Forlines informed the group that the Agenda would be modified to accommodate Mr. Chris DeWeese and Ms. Amy Willard from Suttle and Stalnaker, auditors who recently conducted the BSC/NRCTC Audit.
 Mr. DeWeese reviewed the materials in the Auditors’ Report and explained that all information contained in the report was completed by the Bluefield State College financial management department and audited by Suttle and Stalnaker. Mr. Frost asked the auditors how much money BSC made last year. Mr. DeWeese explained how computations were done and that the College finished the year showing a marginal profit. Mr. DeWeese also noted the surplus was representative of funds restricted mostly for capital projects. Ms. Johnson commended her staff for hard work done to compile information for both Bluefield State College and New River Community and Technical College and explained that the audits will be done separately next year for each institution. Mr. Frost inquired concerning compensation for personnel who worked evenings and weekends to complete information for both institutions for the audit. Discussion followed. Vice Chair Forlines asked for guidance from Ms. Johnson and asked that she address this issue at a later date. Ms. Johnson called the attention of the Board to a memorandum in response to the management letter prepared by Suttle & Stalnaker outlining concerns which include staffing and computer support needs. Mr. Forlines informed the group that after the telephone conference call with auditors during the exit interview, Mr. Norris Kantor has been giving a lot of attention to grant writing as an added source of income for the institution. Mr. Kantor asked that in his absence Mr. Forlines make the request that the  Deans of the various schools put together a grant writing program and that an appropriate number of grants be written throughout each year by each school. Mr. Forlines and Mr. Kantor agree that grant writing should become a major revenue category to assist with budget issues in the future. Mr. Kantor has requested that a report on grant writing efforts and activities be given from each school. A motion was made (LGuy/ESharp) to accept the audit as reported. Motion Carried.

President’s Report – Dr. Albert L. Walker
Dr. Walker reviewed various activities which included:
- Math Field Day- BSC hosted more than 80 Mercer County elementary and middle school students for the competition.
- Foot Strategies LLC recently announced plans to establish a state-of the arts orthotics design and manufacture center at the BSC Research and Development Corporation building.
- “Partner in Education” – Dr. Tamara Meade, BSC English faculty member, has been collaborating with the Brushfork Elementary School with various activities.
- Consol, Inc. has made a $20,000 donation in support of BSC’s Mining Engineering Technology program.
- CART – Professor Bruce Mutter discussed CART-related achievements before the Joint Technology Committee at the December Legislative Interims.
- BSC Holiday Dinner – held December 9, 2005 was an enjoyable event.
- VT Bioinformatics Institute representatives visited at BSC on January 13, 2006.
- Delegate Clif Moore was the guest speaker for the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Luncheon at BSC on January 14, 2006 by the Mercer County Chapter/NAACP.
- BSC employees and students are invited to attend and participate in the program at the Higher Education Day at the Legislature, February 15, 2006.
- Mr. Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of Homeland Security and former Governor of Pennsylvania will be the keynote speaker for the Shott Lecture Series on March 30, 2006.
- Dr. Walker announced to the group that BSC will be part of the Beckley Higher Education Center. Comments concerning the facility and the space provided for BSC will be submitted on Friday, January 20, 2006. Projected date for occupancy is 2007. Discussion followed. 

Human Resources Director – Mr. David Lord
- Demographic information on adjunct faculty.
- Training and development brochure – Mr. Lord reviewed the training that will take place both at BSC and New River Community and Technology College from the Human Resources department.
- Information on full-time employee demographics as of January 2006.
- Institutional Policies – Mr. Lord called attention to the Resolution to review the policies and allow a thirty day comment period. If there are no comments the policy would go into effect.  Mr. Lord asked for approval of the Resolution and then reviewed the policies for the group. Dr. Mirsky asked that changes be made to the effective date due to the cancellation of the December meeting.  Mr. Lord informed the group that the policies have been approved by the College Council. Mr. Frost inquired concerning merit pay for classified employees. Mr. Lord responded by informing the group that the Classified Council has asked that a merit pay policy not be addressed until the salary schedule is fully funded. Mr. Frost reviewed SB 448 and the specification that the ACCE Representative and the Board of Governors classified employee member could be the same person. However, the Classified Council has chosen to separate those duties into two positions. Mr. Frost spoke to the group concerning a conflict of interest for the Human Resources director to represent the institution during a grievance procedure. He felt that the HR director should serve as representative for all BSC employees, therefore creating a conflict of interest during a grievance procedure. Discussion followed. Mr. Forlines asked that Dr. Walker research this issue for the best practices and that Mr. Frost put his concerns into writing to be addressed later. 
- Mr. Lord called the group’s attention to a memo from the HEPC stating that the IRS rate for travel reimbursement is 44.5 cents per mile but that the Governor has asked the Chancellor to request state institutions reimburse travel at a rate of 40.5 cents per mile. Mr. Lord informed the group that the Travel Reimbursement Policy currently in use will need to be changed in order to accommodate this request. Mr. Frost discussed the effect this reduction in mileage reimbursement will have on those who travel a great deal and use a personal vehicle while carrying out job duties. Ms. Johnson informed the group that state employees are allowed to use state vehicles or to lease a vehicle from Enterprise if a state car is not available. Mr. Frost inquired concerning the in-state rate of $35 and the out-of state rate of $50 for meal allowance while attending a conference stating that this is not an appropriate amount in many cities. Discussion followed. Ms. Johnson will contact other state agencies and make an appropriate recommendation at a later date. Mr. Lord asked that the Board of Governors approve the recommended Resolution which allows a thirty day comment period for the policies and that if no substantial comments are received, the Board of Governors extends the final approval. Motion was made (DFrost/LAikens) to accept Mr. Lord’s recommendation to approve the Resolution. Motion carried.

Legislative and Media Relations – Mr. Jim Nelson
- Mr. Nelson reviewed topics of discussion in the current legislative session and the importance of each to the institution. Discussion followed.
- BSC Athletic Director Terry Brown has been working with area public high schools to bring basketball games to the Bluefield State College to help bring students and parents to the campus. BSC displays have been set up for the distribution of college information and various Bluefield State items have been given away to promote the institution.
- Shott Lecture Series will be on the BSC campus March 30, 2006 with Mr. Tom Ridge as guest speaker.

 Mr. Stafford informed the group that he had had only one response to the position paper received from Dr. Walker and Dr. Jerry Beasley of Concord University. The group agreed that because the issues at Bluefield State College and those at Concord University are very different, each institution would approach legislators individually. Mr. Forlines informed the group that local legislators recently asked for the institution to make recommendations regarding funding.  Mr. Nelson reported that in a meeting with the representative for Governor Manchin the institution was asked to put together a peer group list and return the information to Charleston for consideration. Dr. Walker informed the group that he has asked Mr. Ralph Patsel to research peer groups and make a list with specific criteria which will be discussed with the President’s staff and then be submitted to the legislature. Discussion followed.

Vice President for Financial and Administrative Affairs – Ms. Shelia Johnson
- Ms. Johnson called the group’s attention to an email from Mr. Dennis Taylor of HEPC concerning HB 4049 and reviewed the effect upon Bluefield State if the bill is passed.
- Ms. Johnson discussed a memo from Mr. Dennis Taylor concerning recommended statutory changes.
- Ms. Johnson summarized Governor Manchin’s proposed budget and reviewed increases.
- Various grant awards and the current funding for each were reviewed for the group.
Mr. Forlines expressed appreciation to Ms. Johnson and her staff for the hard work with the financial material and challenges of the past year. 

Vice President for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Report – Mr. John Cardwell
- Enrollment as of January 19, 2006 is 1,703 compared to 1,788 at the same time last spring. Applications for Nursing and Rad Tech are up and the final selections will be made in March for the fall enrollment. 
- Leadership Retreat sponsored by the Student Government Association and Student Affairs was very successful.
- Mr. Cardwell reported meeting with Mr. Roger Workman of the Upper-Classman II before the holidays to review the fall semester to make suggestions and discuss changes. Enrollment Management will be providing Mr. Workman with a list of prospective and currently enrolled students. This information is made available to all landlords upon request.
- Mr. Cardwell discussed retention and a mini-grant that will assist in enhancing freshman retention. He reviewed retention rates and informed the group of efforts to put a new advising plan into place. Dr. Walker informed the group that a request has been made to prepare a focus report by department and discipline in an effort to identify specific problem spots in regards to retention.

 Dr. Aikens asked for an expanded report on housing, addressing the percentage of housing available and also concerning the meal plan at the Upper-Classman II facility. Mr. Cardwell reported that because of problems at the facility with the kitchen and the qualifications of the food preparers the students from the Upper-Classman II are being provided meals in the BSC Cafeteria. Mr. Sharp reported that a meal card is available for all students to use in the cafeteria but at this point the option to use the cards in the vending machines is not available. Mr. John White reported that food prepared at the institution is delivered to the Upper-Classman II facility but several Health Department issues need to be addressed before meals can be prepared on-site at the Upper-Classman II. Mr. Forlines asked that a full report be given at the next meeting to update the Board on the food service at the Upper-Classman II. Mr. Aikens asked that a report also be included on transportation from the facility to the campus.

Vice President for Academic Affairs – Dr. Don Smith
- Dr. Smith called the Board’s attention to a handout in the December material outlining some of the accomplishments of the faculty for the fall term.
- Authorization to Plan New Undergraduate Degrees – Dr. Smith shared a draft copy of the revision of the Mission Statement to include graduate level courses in the BSC curriculum and explained that prior to submitting the Intent to Plan the institution must receive authorization from HEPC to submit an  Intent to Plan. There are seven (7) criteria the institution must meet in order to get authorization. Dr. Smith asked that the Board give tentative approval until the comment period has expired to change the Mission Statement to reflect the inclusion of graduate level courses. Motion was made (DFrost/LAikens) to modify the Mission Statement, subject to the comment period, to accommodate the planning and submission of plans for graduate level courses. Motion carried.
- Dr. Smith discussed the acceptance of HEPC for the Intent to Plan a baccalaureate degree program in Radiologic Sciences and explained that no prior authorization is needed for baccalaureate degree Intent to Plan.

Executive Session
Motion was made (JStafford/DFrost) to go into executive session at 9:20 p.m.

Motion was made (LAikens/JStafford) to return to regular session at 9:30 p.m.

Old Business
 Dr. Aikens inquired concerning the Shott Foundation funds specified for the Athletic program. Dr. Walker informed the group that he will talk with the Athletic Director and other departments involved with various aspects of the athletic program and report the information at the next meeting
  Mr. Frost discussed the issue of border county reduced tuition and pointed out that other institutions in the state are offering reduced tuition rates to bordering counties. He used Concord University as an example and shared information acquired from the Concord website. Discussion followed. The Board requested that Mr. Cardwell and Ms. Johnson do research on the number of students and the increase in revenue that a reduced tuition rate for bordering counties would potentially bring to the institution and make an informational report at the next meeting. Mr. Frost asked that this issue be included as an action item at a future meeting.

 Next meeting will be held on February 16, 2006.

Motion was made (DFrost/LAikens) to adjourn the meeting at 9:55 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Anita Barilla





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