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Saturday, April 30, 2016
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Commencement Speaker United States Magistrate Judge Omar Aboulhosn has accepted Bluefield State College’s invitation to serve as the keynote speaker at BSC’s 2016 Commencement Exercises, May 14 at the Brushfork Armory.
Online Student Evaluation of Faculty April 25 - May 6
Compassion Fatigue
2016 Hall of Fame The Big Blues would like to announce that the Athletic Department is now accepting nominations for the 2016 Hall of Fame Class! The Hall of Fame Committee will be accepting applications now through June 1st. 
Facilities Master Plan Bluefield State College's Campus Facilities Master Plan as submitted to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in March 2015.
School of Nursing & Allied Health   The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers degrees in nursing and radiologic technology. Programs offered include: baccalaureate and associate degrees in nursing, baccalaureate in radiologic sciences, and the associate degree in radiologic technology.

The W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business The nationally accredited W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business offers a B.S. degree in Accountancy, a B.S. degree in Business Administration (with majors/minors in Accounting, Management and Marketing) and a B.S. degree in Health Services Management.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science The engineering technology programs offer associate and baccalaureate degrees in a variety of technological fields. Associate degrees may be earned in architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology.

School of Education The School of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education (K-6) or Early/Middle Education. The program prepares graduates to teach at the Elementary (K-6) grade level and/or the Middle School (5-9) grade level in one of four required areas of specialization: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, and Social Studies.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science Students graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science are prepared for positions as systems analysts, software designers, network professionals, and webmasters depending on the education path taken.

School of Arts & Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences offers courses in art, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, English, French, geography, geology, history, humanities, journalism, mathematics, music, natural science, physical science, physics, political science, psychology, social science, sociology, Spanish, and speech.

Bluefield State College Bluefield State College was established as a black teachers college by an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1895 and was integrated after 1954. By the 1960's the College had a comprehensive four-year program of teacher education, arts and sciences, and engineering technology. Gradually a variety of two-year technical programs evolved in response to local needs.

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April 26 2016

(Bluefield)—United States Magistrate Judge Omar Aboulhosn has accepted Bluefield State College’s invitation to serve as the keynote speaker at BSC’s 2016 Commencement Exercises, May 14 at the Brushfork Armory. His appointment as a U.S. Magistrate Judge took effect on January 1, 2016, following his ...
BSC Researcher Receives $10K “Research Seed Grant” from NASA...
April 25 2016

(Bluefield)—Dr. Tesfaye Belay, Associate Professor of Biology at Bluefield State College, has been selected to receive a $10,000 "Research Seed Grant" from the NASA West Virginia Space Grant Consortium for the fiscal year 2016-17. The grant will fund laboratory supplies for BSC's continuing NASA-re...
BSC Chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, National Honor Society for Fre...
April 21 2016

(Bluefield)— The Bluefield State College chapter of Phi Eta Sigma, the national honor society for freshmen, inducted ¬¬23 students and four honorary members into the Society during a recent ceremony at the College. This achievement places these students in the top two percent of all freshmen at BSC...
BSC BioMedical Club Welcomes Southside K-8 Students to campu...
April 20 2016

Southside K-8 seventh grade students peer upward as an “egg drop” competition begins on the Bluefield State College campus. The BSC BioMedical Club worked with Southside students prior to and during the first Science Day program at the college. BioMed Club member Kristin Brown releases the first eg...
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Categories 2004

December 16, 2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Louis Aikens, Mr. Daniel Frost, Mr. Edward Knight, The Reverend Garry Moore, Mr. Norris Kantor, Mr. Jack Stafford, Mr. Kevin Pruitt

Members Absent: Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Jeff Forlines

Guests/Staff: Dr. Albert Walker, Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Mr. John Cardwell, Mrs. Shelia Johnson, Dr. Mindy Maher, Dr. Raphael Heaggans, Mr. Lionel Craddock, and Ms. Vivian Sidote

Board Chair John Barnes called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

 Dr. David Perkins read his letter of retirement as President of New River Community & Technical College, after which Board chair John Barnes presented Dr. Perkins with a certificate of appreciation, then expressed the appreciation of the Board for Dr. Perkins’ service to the College and community.

Approval of Minutes
 Mr. Barnes asked for approval of the minutes of the November 18 meeting of the Board of Governors. Mr. Daniel Frost questioned the wording contained in the second paragraph under the heading “Financial and Administrative Affairs” where Mr. Frost made a recommendation that the Board of Governors receive copies of all compensation paid to all employees, including all stipends, adjunct faculty, etc. Mr. Barnes confirmed that this could be done. Mr. Frost asked if the word could in the last line should be would. Mr. Barnes said he in fact said this could be done. There was some discussion concerning the last line. Mr. Barnes said as a Board member, Mr. Frost had the authority to make this request.
 A motion was made and seconded (LAikens/KPruitt) to approve the minutes as presented. Motion carried.

Executive Session
 A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/KPruitt) to enter into executive session at 7:15 p.m. Motion carried.
 A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/LAikens) to exit executive session at 9:12 p.m. and resume regular session. Motion carried.

New River Community & Technical College
 Dr. Perkins mentioned that the Board members had received a large packet of proposed policies at the last meeting as a first reading and he asked for Board approval of those proposed policies. He said these were very similar to policies that had been approved recently for Bluefield State College. They had been modified slightly to reflect “New River Community & Technical College” instead of “Bluefield State College” where appropriate. A motion was made and seconded (JStafford/DFrost) to approve all the policies as presented. Motion carried.

 Dr. Perkins indicated that the Higher Learning Commission team had submitted its preliminary report to NRCTC for review. He noted that, overall, the report was very positive. A trip will be made to Chicago on January 24 to defend the report.

Acting President
 A motion was made and seconded (EKnight/KPruitt) to offer the position of Interim President of New River Community & Technical College to Dr. Felica Blanks at the current salary for the position until a new president is hired. Motion carried. Dr. Felica Blanks accepted the offer.

Proposed policy re: Rule Regarding Making Agenda Available to the Public
 Mr. Jim Nelson distributed a one-page document, a “Proposed policy on making agendas available to the public.” He summarized the proposed policy, noting that BSC had been requested to furnish such a policy to the Higher Education Policy Commission. A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/KPruitt) to approve on first reading. Motion carried. Dr. Perkins asked that this policy also be approved for NRC&TC.  A motion was made and seconded (EKnight/DFrost) to approve this policy as well for NRC&TC. Motion carried.

Financial and Administrative Affairs
Mrs. Shelia Johnson announced:
1. The Audit Financial Statement were released Tuesday. At the February meeting of the Board, the Audit team will be here to discuss the report.
2. Earlier this week, the community college presidents and CFOs met regarding baccalaureate and community college financial status. She indicated the auditors now report that colleges with administratively-linked community colleges will have to maintain two separate financial statements and will also have to split their institutions’ assets. There was discussion concerning this.
3. Shelia also distributed communication regarding the Lewisburg Library and state bond money.
4. She indicated that an attorney had been hired to conduct the title search for the state Highway Department activities building in Lewisburg, and his report will be submitted to HEPC for its approval. She said the report has been completed.
 Chairman Barnes invited Board members to participate in a January 2005 meeting during which the Lewisburg Library project would be discussed, as would plans for transferring $1 million in bond funds for the library project, along with BSC’s involvement in the project. The following Board members said they would like to participate – Dr. Aikens, Mr. Stafford, Mr. Kantor and Mr. Barnes. Chairman Barnes indicated that we would notify the entire Board of development related to this initiative.
Academic and Student Affairs
Academic Majors and Minors
 Dr. Tom Eaves asked for final approval of the list of proposed academic majors and minors that had been distributed at the November meeting of the Board. A motion was made and seconded (JStafford/KPruitt) to approve the list of new majors and minors. Motion carried.

 A question was raised about the status of the proposed MBA degree. Dr. eaves said plans are progressing.

 Dr. Eaves reported that a significant level of curriculum-related activity is taking place in academic affairs. A major thrust involves the School of Arts & Sciences.

New Degree
 Dr. Eaves said there is a statewide move underway to approve state-wide baccalaureate degree program in Applied Sciences.

General Studies
 Dr. Eaves said the Community College & Technical College Council is now requiring that the A.A. degree will require 45 hours in general studies, the A.S. degree will require a minimum of 30 hours in general studies, and A.A.S. degree will require a minimum of 20 hours in general studies.

Presidents Report
 Dr. Walker presented a Powerpoint program detailing activities that had taken place since the last Board meeting. He also noted that Mrs. Vivian Sidote, who had served this Board since its inception and had also served BSC for 32 years, was retiring. The Board extended its appreciation to Mrs. Sidote and gave her a standing ovation in recognition of her service to the Board and the College.
 With no further business to transact, a motion was made and seconded (LAikens/DFrost) to adjourn at 10:06 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,





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