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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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Facilities Master Plan Bluefield State College's Campus Facilities Master Plan as submitted to the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission in March 2015.
School of Nursing & Allied Health   The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers degrees in nursing and radiologic technology. Programs offered include: baccalaureate and associate degrees in nursing, baccalaureate in radiologic sciences, and the associate degree in radiologic technology.

The W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business The nationally accredited W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business offers a B.S. degree in Accountancy, a B.S. degree in Business Administration (with majors/minors in Accounting, Management and Marketing) and a B.S. degree in Health Services Management.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science The engineering technology programs offer associate and baccalaureate degrees in a variety of technological fields. Associate degrees may be earned in architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology.

School of Education The School of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education (K-6) or Early/Middle Education. The program prepares graduates to teach at the Elementary (K-6) grade level and/or the Middle School (5-9) grade level in one of four required areas of specialization: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, and Social Studies.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science Students graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science are prepared for positions as systems analysts, software designers, network professionals, and webmasters depending on the education path taken.

School of Arts & Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences offers courses in art, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, English, French, geography, geology, history, humanities, journalism, mathematics, music, natural science, physical science, physics, political science, psychology, social science, sociology, Spanish, and speech.

Bluefield State College Bluefield State College was established as a black teachers college by an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1895 and was integrated after 1954. By the 1960's the College had a comprehensive four-year program of teacher education, arts and sciences, and engineering technology. Gradually a variety of two-year technical programs evolved in response to local needs.

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December 07 2016

(BLUEFIELD)—Spring Semester 2017 general registration will be conducted at Bluefield State College campuses in Bluefield and Beckley on Thursday and Friday, January 12-13, 2017 (8 a.m.-4 p.m.). Faculty will be in their offices to assist advisees. Students who completed early registration for Spring...
December 07 2016

(Bluefield)--The West Virginia Access Center for Higher Education (WVACHE) of Bluefield State College recently hosted an informal Candid Community Conversation: Education and Workforce: WV Working Together at the Erma Byrd Higher Education Center, Beckley, WV. A concerned audience comprised of loca...
December 06 2016

(Bluefield)—A contingent of 122 students, faculty, staff, and administrators from Bluefield State College took part in the 2016 Walk to End Alzheimer's in Bluefield at Mercer Mall. Five BSC teams, captained by Dr. Tracey Anderson, Sheila Gates, Angelina Elkins, Sandy Wynn, and Tabatha Carter raised...
Dr. Michael Smith's Poetry to be Included in Appalachian Nat...
November 29 2016

(Bluefield)--Dr. Michael Smith is well established as an author, having written seven books that address topics as diverse as literary theory and guidebooks. Soon, he will add the distinction of being a published poet, as well. The Bluefield State College Professor of English was recently notified ...
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Categories 2004

Bluefield State College
Board of Governors

April 15,  2004

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes (via conference phone), Mr. Norris Kantor, Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Michael Hanna, Mr. Daniel Frost,  Mr. Jack Caffrey, Mr. Jeff Forlines, Dr. Lyn Guy, Ms. Ann Crowe, Dr. Louis Aikens  

Members Absent: Mr. Jack Stafford, The Reverend Garry Moore

Guests/Staff:  Dr. Albert Walker, Mr. Jim Nelson,  Mrs. Shelia Johnson,  Dr. Tom Eaves, Dr. David Perkins, Dr. Felica Blanks, Mr. Bruce Mutter, and Mrs. Vivian Sidote
 Mr. Kantor noted that Mr. Barnes, chair was not able to attend the meeting in person, but would participate via conference phone.  As vice chair, Mr. Kantor presided over the meeting.

Approval of Minutes

 Mr. Kantor asked for approval of the minutes of March 18, 2004.  Dr. Frank Ball mentioned that he was listed as present during the March meeting, and should have been listed as absent.  With no other corrections, the minutes were approved.
Graduation Announcement

 Dr. Walker announced that commencement exercises will be held on May 15 at 10 a.m. in the Shott Gymnasium.  Dr. Walker announced that the College will combine the awarding of degrees into one commencement program.  He asked Board members who wish to take part in commencement to supply information regarding cap & gown sizes needed. He also said a letter would be sent to all Board members, providing parking permits and additional information about the ceremony.  A reception in the Harris-Jefferson Student Center will be held immediately after commencement.

Memorandum from Bruce Walker

 Mr. Kantor mentioned the memorandum from Higher Education Policy Commission legal counsel Bruce Walker that delineates certain changes that came about as a result of the implementation of SB 448.  He directed Board members’ attention to specific items--1) a reduction, from 9 to 8, in the number of lay members serving on the Boards of each college that has an administratively-linked community & technical college and  2) the provision whereby the chair of the advisory board of each administratively-linked community & technical college (which will become a governing board when the community & technical college achieves institutional accreditation) will become an ex-officio, voting member of the baccalaureate institution’s governing board.  The impact of the second provision mentioned would not reduce the size of the BSC governing board at this time, but, in 2005 (when the terms of three current Board members expire) the Governor would appoint only two individuals to those positions, with the other position to be

held by the chair of the board of the administratively-linked community & technical college.

 Those colleges that have an administratively-linked community & technical college must appoint a four-person subcommittee to interact with the community & technical college with which the baccalaureate college is associated.  Mr. Barnes volunteered to serve on this subcommittee. 

New River Community & Technical College


 Dr. Perkins reported that the NRCTC commencement would be held on Sunday, May 16 at 2 p.m. at Tamarack.


 There was discussion concerning NRCTC policies and series D that were approved for Bluefield State College and have been adopted.  It was requested that the Board approve all policies and series D for NRCTC.    A motion was made and seconded (FBall/LGuy) to approve for NRCTC all policies that where approved for Bluefield State College.  Motion carried.


 Dr. Perkins said the most recent New River accreditation steering committee meeting was well attended and was a really good program.  He said the next major assignment involves conducting an institutional self-study.   Dr. Perkins turned the meeting over to Dr. Felica Blanks who gave a short report.  She indicated that the accreditation leadership team would be meeting on Thursday, April 22 .  She said SB448 provided an extension of time within which the institution was permitted to receive accreditation, and she also noted that one of the primary objectives now would be to revise timelines for the self-study process.  Dr. Blanks introduced Dr. Mindy Maher who discussed an accreditation-related survey that was administered to faculty and staff.  This survey will also be given to students.


 There was considerable discussion concerning the diplomas that students will receive from New River Community & Technical College.  Mr. Frost indicated that he had some students voice concern to him that New River Community & Technical College is not accredited and observed that those students indicated they did not want to graduate from NRCTC.  Dr. Perkins said that the diplomas would read New River Community & Technical College of Bluefield State College, and because NRCTC is administratively-linked to BSC, the programs are accredited.  Mr. Frost then asked whether students graduating in December would receive the same option.  Dr. Perkins said he was not prepared to give an answer at this time, but added that he would discuss the matter with the appropriate offices and report back to this Board.


Virtual College & Technology

Internet Radio

 Dr. Tom Blevins introduced Mr. Bill Bennett and Mr. Jerry Connor who gave a presentation  on the College’s audio streaming, web-based broadcast station.

Records Management

 Dr. Tom Blevins noted that the records management policy that was approved will become effective immediately.  He said this will permit material to be preserved in a way that enhances the historical information continuity of the Institution.  He also said this policy allows the President to appoint a records manager, adding that Peggy Turnbull, College Archivist, will serve in this capacity. 
Data Ports

 Dr. Blevins indicated that equipment is being installed in the Hardway Library to accommodate students’ laptop computers and permit connection with the College network.

Financial and Administrative Affairs


 Installation of a Bluefield campus fire alarm system is progressing and is now 85% completed.  This fire alarm system in Mahood Hall, the Ned Shott P.E. Building, Conley Hall and the Hardway Library has a cost of $340,000.  Installation should be completed by May 31.

Mahood Hall

 Shelia noted that the College is awaiting a donor’s commitment to provide financial support for the Mahood Hall student housing project.

Dickason Hall

 Work is nearly completed on refinishing the exterior of Dickason Hall.


 The College has entered into a contract for upgrading the elevator system in the Basic Science Building.  

Easley Bridge

 Shelia discussed developments related to negotiations regarding a covering for the hallway leading to the tunnel under Rt. 52.



  An amount of $160 million for West Virginia higher education bonding initiatives has been approved.  This will be financed from state lottery funds.  Changes have been made that have altered the original projects priority list approved by the BSC Board of Governors and HEPC.  The new list includes funds for a roadway upgrade from the “pit” parking lot to the Student Center, as well as a project to provide ADA-approved access from the Hardway Library to Hatter Hall, along with the purchase of a building in Summersville.  The project list also added $2 million for equipment to be used in the new Higher Education Center in Beckley and removed $1 million from BSC for road projects.  She is awaiting word on the projects list after it is finalized.


 Ms. Johnson distributed material on the state’s higher education institutions’ budget for the coming fiscal year, and reviewed each page.   There was considerable discussion concerning the appropriations split between Bluefield State College and New River Community & Technical College.
Tuition and Fees

 Ms. Johnson distributed a list of tuition and fees for BSC.  There was discussion concerning tuition and fee simplification.  A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/FBall) to seek an increase in tuition of 1 ½ % (beyond the HEPC-approved amount) as permitted by regulations.  Motion carried.

Academic and Student Affairs

 Dr. Eaves distributed a document that listed all BSC program accreditations.  He asked that the Board of Governors to approve the internal reviews for all of the programs.  Mr. Frost mentioned a concern about the College’s RBA program.  He said he would like to see it continued, but he disagreed with the last four words, “current level of activity” referring to the program.  He said the RBA program is not being utilized as well as it should be.  He said it costs BSC nothing other than advertisement.  He said he had eight military veterans who became frustrated by their inability to obtain information and pursue admission into the program.  They finally decided to leave.  He said his program director offered to hire an instructor to help teach a portfolio writing class to facilitate the process for individuals seeking to enter the program.  Dr. Don Smith was introduced and gave a brief synopsis of what he has done to increase RBA enrollment. Dr. Smith also explained that the program review contained recommendations for improvement.    A motion was made and seconded  (LGuy/FBall) to approve all program reviews.  Motion carried.

Legislative Update

 Mr. Jim Nelson asked the Board to provide input and direction regarding the initiatives that could move the College into a less precarious position during the 2005 legislative session.  He suggested that these initiatives could be advocated through establishing and utilizing a strong coalition with legislators supportive of the College.

 Mr. Nelson said he is working with Dr. Walker’s cabinet and members of the media to develop a very active and aggressive multimedia campaign that will begin during the week of May 3 - May 9.  This campaign will have the primary objectives of thanking residents of the region for their support of BSC, while concurrently promoting enrollment in the College’s summer session classes.
 Mr. Nelson is working with John Cardwell, Director of Enrollment Management, to draft a letter that will be sent to all current students, providing information designed to encourage them to continue pursuit of their higher educational goals at BSC.


Enrollment Management

 John Cardwell distributed information that established the College’s final fall semester enrollment figures (3876 students/headcount).

Institutional Development


 Dr. Blanks indicated that a Phase II Analysis of the contract is being conducted, with a projected closing date of June 15.  She indicated that the Phase II Analysis is soil sample. 

Fund Raising Activities

Dr. Blanks listed current fund-raising activities that included:

1. Develop proposals for Title III;

2. A four-page report that listed proposals that have been submitted;. 

3. Law Day, May 1 at National Mine Academy in Beckley; and the

4. Mt. Hope Project

 She also noted that BSC alumnus and supporter Wellington Swindall is being honored by the Kresge Foundation in Atlanta, GA.

Dr. Blanks introduced Mr. Mark Oblinger, Director of Development

 Mark noted that strategies designed to develop a “culture of giving” and “culture of asking” among alumni and friends of the College.  He reported that the recent “phoneathon” was successful, with 75 volunteers currently raising $2900 during the initiative.

 Dr. Blanks introduced Dr. Shekhar Pradhan, Director of Sponsored Programs,  who distributed and reviewed a packet of information about grant availability.

 Dr. Blanks introduced Mr. Ray Guy, Fiscal Manager, and Treasurer/BSC Foundation.  He gave an overview of scholarship and Foundation giving.

President’s Report

 Dr. Walker delivered a Powerpoint presentation detailing activities that took place since the last Board of Governors’ meeting.

Executive Session

 A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/JForlines) to enter into executive session at 9:55 p.m.

 A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/JForlines) to re-enter regular session at 10:35 p.m.

 A motion was made and seconded (DFrost/JCaffrey) to establish the salary of the president of New River Community & Technical College at 80% of the Bluefield State College president’s current salary as of July 1, 2004.

Meeting Date

 The next regularly scheduled meeting of the BSC Board of Governors will take place on Thursday, May 20, 2004, beginning at 6:45 p.m. in the Hebert Gallery/Harris-Jefferson Student Center.

 With no other business to transact, the meeting adjourned at 10:40 p.m..

Respectfully Submitted,





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