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Sunday, February 01, 2015
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Black History Month  
Free Income Tax Assistance Free income tax preparation assistance for low-to moderate income individuals, the unemployed, older individuals, and students will be offered again this year at Bluefield State College (BSC).

Facilities Master Plan Thompson & Litton is seeking input from interested individuals regarding the Facilities Master Plan.  Those wishing to provide feedback, suggestions, input, are encouraged to submit their comments.
School of Nursing & Allied Health   The School of Nursing and Allied Health offers degrees in nursing and radiologic technology. Programs offered include: baccalaureate and associate degrees in nursing, baccalaureate in radiologic sciences, and the associate degree in radiologic technology.

The W. Paul Cole, Jr. School of Business The School of Business at Bluefield State College offers a variety of programs. Students in the four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration program must complete the requirements of two specializations chosen from: accounting, management, marketing, or computer science.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science The engineering technology programs offer associate and baccalaureate degrees in a variety of technological fields. Associate degrees may be earned in architectural, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering technology.

School of Education The School of Education offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Elementary Education (K-6) or Early/Middle Education. The program prepares graduates to teach at the Elementary (K-6) grade level and/or the Middle School (5-9) grade level in one of four required areas of specialization: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, General Science, and Social Studies.

School of Engineering Technology & Computer Science Students graduating with a B.S. in Computer Science are prepared for positions as systems analysts, software designers, network professionals, and webmasters depending on the education path taken.

School of Arts & Sciences
The School of Arts and Sciences offers courses in art, biology, chemistry, criminal justice, English, French, geography, geology, history, humanities, journalism, mathematics, music, natural science, physical science, physics, political science, psychology, social science, sociology, Spanish, and speech.

Bluefield State College Bluefield State College was established as a black teachers college by an act of the West Virginia Legislature in 1895 and was integrated after 1954. By the 1960's the College had a comprehensive four-year program of teacher education, arts and sciences, and engineering technology. Gradually a variety of two-year technical programs evolved in response to local needs.



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January 28 2015

(Bluefield)--The Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) reviewed the continuous improvement progress report submitted by the Bluefield State College RN to BSN Program and determined that the program continues to meet all accreditation standards. "All programs that are fully accredited mu...
January 28 2015

(BLUEFIELD)--Free income tax preparation assistance for low income and elderly individuals will be offered again this year by the faculty and students in the Accounting Program at Bluefield State College. The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, co-sponsored by the Internal Revenue Servi...
January 26 2015

(Bluefield)—Bluefield State College has received a Complete College America sub-grant award of more than $7500 from the West Virginia Council for Community and Technical College Education. The funds will underwrite professional development for implementing co-requisite developmental education and/o...
BSC Announces Fall 2014 Semester President’s & Dean’s Lists
January 15 2015

(Bluefield)— The Bluefield State College Fall 2014 Semester President’s and Dean's Lists have been announced. One hundred twenty-four students earned President’s List recognition and an additional 218 students merited inclusion in the Dean's List. President's List students achieved at least a 3.80 ...
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Categories 2003

Bluefield State College
Board of Governors
August 21, 2003

Members Present: Mr. John Barnes, Dr. Frank Ball, Mr. Michael Hanna, Mr. Daniel Frost, Ms. Ann Crowe, Mr. Norris Kantor, Mr. Jack Caffrey, Dr. Lyn Guy, Mr. Frank Wilkinson

Members Absent: The Reverend Garry Moore, Dr. Louis Aikens

Guests/Staff: Dr. Albert Walker, Dr. Tom Eaves, Ms. Shelia Johnson, Mr. John Cardwell, Dr. Don Smith, Dr. Mindy Maher, Dr. Raphael Heaggans, Dr. David Perkins, Mr. Jim Nelson, Vivian Sidote

Board Chairman Mr. John Barnes called the meeting to order at 7 p.m.

The motion was made second (NKantor/JCaffrey) to approve minutes of the July 17, 2003 with the following correction. Mr. Daniel Frost asked, under New River Community & Technical College, Organizational Leadership that instead of saying considerable discussion took place that specific items of discussion be included. The discussion concerned classified personnel who were appointed to positions under New River Community & Technical College and classified members from other campuses not being afforded the opportunity to apply for those positions. It was mentioned that those positions were not new positions but additional duties added to positions that already exist. Motion carried.

Multicultural Director

Dr. Walker introduced Dr. Raphael Heaggans, Director of Multicultural Affairs.

Business and Financial Report Budget

Ms. Shelia Johnson said the College has received notification that it should make budget preparations based upon a possible 9% reduction in state funding. She reported that the budget would be included as an agenda item for Friday’s Higher Education Policy Commission meeting. She also noted that PEIA premiums will increase by 13%, a rise that equates to an additional $176,000 for BSC, and she also observed that the BRIM premium for BSC is increasing by $25,000 Discussion concerning the projected cut in state appropriations was discussed.


Shelia reported that, as required by HEPC, Series 12, any College expenditures projected to cost more than $100,000 require Board of Governors and Higher Education Policy Commission approval. Mr. Frost asked why the College could not use its own engineering technology faculty to conduct architectural studies instead of hiring an outside firm. It was noted that if the College’s personnel were used, the Institution and Institutional personnel could incur liability that would not be encountered if an outside firm were to be used. A motion was made and second (JCaffrey/LGuy) to approve the Capital Expenditures Projects, FY 2004-2009 as presented. Motion carried.

Concord College/Bluefield State College Collaborative Report

Dr. Eaves discussed the Concord/BSC collaboration report, noting that the Board was requested to indicate changes needed, then approve this document as a draft.

Chairman Barnes commended the collaborative report committee for the work it had done.

Ms. Anne Crowe expressed concern regarding some of the financial collaboration initiatives identified in the report. She said there are several items that indicate joint effort between Concord and Bluefield State. She said she believes that Concord College and Bluefield State should have separate contractors and should purchase supplies as needed, without comingling funds. Shelia Johnson responded by noting that the institutions would not comingle funds but would share contracts/contractors when such an arrangement would result in a financial savings for each college.

There was discussion concerning programs or courses that would be offered at both colleges. Ms. Crowe asked that, at this time, report item #48, “Identify possible 2 + 2 opportunities and develop appropriate articulation agreements” be deleted. A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/JCaffrey) to accept the draft with the deletion of item #48 and with the provision that the two colleges’ Board chairs and Presidents act on behalf of their Boards to approve the amended document. Motion carried.

Dr. Ball asked about report item #35, “Analyze existing and potential academic programs of both institutions and develop cooperative efforts where possible”; item #36, “Establish a common academic calendar’; item #37, “Establish common class meeting times”; item #38, “Establish common semester exam times”, and; item #39, “Establish common ‘inclement weather’ policy.” Dr. Walker indicated that these items are already being implemented.

Legislative Update

Jim Nelson indicated that, as recommended by the Board, the College is maintaining a regular working relationship with state legislatures. Dr. Walker has already met with several legislators including Senators Plymale, Guills, Caldwell, Fanning, Love, and Weeks, and Delegates Mezzatesta, Caruth, Long, Sumner, Manchin, Frederick, and Browning.

Mr. Nelson said that Senator Plymale (chair/Senate Education) indicated the following points during a discussion with Dr. Walker on August 4:

1. The BSC Board’s Chair and Vice Chair certainly represented the institution very eloquently before legislative leadership during an August 3 meeting in Charleston.

2. Senator Plymale has expressed interest in attending a BSC Board of Governors’ meeting. .

3. There will be a move during this legislative session to separate matters of governance from matters of policy.

4. The Community & Technical College Council will play a more prominent role in matters impacting the state’s community & technical colleges.

5. Delegate Marshall Long may be moved from his assignment with the House Education Committee--a change that would substantially reduce the representation of southern West Virginia on that committee.

6. Higher Education Bonding could be addressed during either the October or November legislative interim meetings.

7. A informal group of legislators has coaligned to try to protect the interest of Bluefield State College

Rented Facilities

Dr. Perkins narrated a PowerPoint presentation featuring the facilities at NRCTC sites in Lewisburg, Beckley, and Nicholas County.

Enrollment Management

John Cardwell distributed enrollment information, noting that today’s total headcount enrollment was 3619 students.

Dr. Walker said the next step in the enrollment management process retention. He said the goal is to have a retention rate of 70%. The emphasis is being placed on increasing both the number of students and the academic quality of students at the College. There was lengthy discussion concerning the enrollment.

New River Community & Technical College

Dr. Perkins distributed a two-page report detailing activities/accomplishments at NRCTC, along with an accreditation progress report.

Dr. Walker said that legislative interims will be held in Lewisburg, September 7-9.

Assessment Plan

Dr. Mindy Maher delivered a Powerpoint presentation on assessment. Dr. Maher distributed a survey to the Board of Governors to complete and get back to her.

President’s Report

Dr. Walker gave a Powerpoint Presentation, updating Board members of activities/accomplishments that have taken place since the July Board meeting.

Executive Session

A motion was made and second (LGuy & NKantor) to enter executive session at 8:55 p.m. Motion carried. A motion was made and seconded (LGuy & NKantor) to return to regular session at 9:30 p.m. Motion carried.

Meeting Date

The next meeting of the Board of Governors will take place on September 18, 2003 and Senator Plymale will be extended an invitation to attend this meeting.


1. Chairman Barnes and Mr. Kantor complimented the staff and Dr. Walker for the outstanding group of Ph.D’s hired recently by the College.

2. Mr. Wilkinson asked that when the Board anticipates the attendance of a special guest like a state legislator, members should be notified in advance so that attendance for the meeting will be at an optimum level.


A motion was made and seconded (NKantor/DFrost) to adjourn the meeting at 9:35 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
John Barnes

Calendar Events

Biomedical Club Meeting
Mon Feb 02, 2015 @ 4:00PM -
Organizational Showcase
Tue Feb 03, 2015 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
SSS Workshop: Note-taking
Tue Feb 03, 2015 @ 2:00PM -
SSS Workshop: Student Success
Wed Feb 04, 2015 @11:00AM -
Lunch & Learn: The Blaxploitation Film Mystique
Wed Feb 04, 2015 @11:00AM -
Personal Health Insurance Plan Seminar
Thu Feb 05, 2015 @11:00AM - 01:00PM
Classified Staff Council
Thu Feb 05, 2015 @11:00AM -




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