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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Hints For Success

  • Read the syllabus thoroughly and understand class policies—it is your planning document for your course.

  • Set a schedule. Plan several hours per week to read the text or materials, post questions and comments, complete and submit assignments

  • Ask for help early and often. Ask Questions. Communicate with the instructor using the mail for the class if you are uncertain about ANYTHING!

  • Make sure all communication is complete and concise. Use a word processor and then paste your postings for ready copies if necessary.

  • Use study guides and exam reviews that are posted on the homepage for each exam.

  • Take practice tests if offered. Most give immediate feedback and answers.

  • Mark your calendar with test dates. Recognize your due dates and make preparation dates to keep on schedule.

  • Read the Announcements page regularly. Check the homepage daily – important announcements such as class assignments and workshop dates will be posted, as well as class assignments (You may miss assignment deadlines if you do not check the homepage.)

  • Stay up to date by doing the readings.

  • Discuss content and use the discussion board to build community with your class mates. Discussions are more meaningful if you offer feedback and respond with positive support.

  • Take class assignments seriously – assignments are ?% of your grade

  • Practice any online activities such as glossary flashcards.

  • View recommended animations and videos.

  • When workshops are scheduled, try to attend them.

  • Keep track of resources, notes and assignment for portfolios and experience

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY: prepare for the exams each day!

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    Blackboard Help Desk (304-327-4545 or 304-327-4510).