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Friday, December 19, 2014
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B.A. Social Science (Plan of Study)

First Year  First Year  
ENGL 101Composition I3ENGL 102Composition II3
MATH 101General Math3__________Computer Literacy Course3
HIST 101World Civilization I3SPCH 208Fundamentals of Speech3
PSYC 103General Psychology3GEOG 150Introduction to Geography3
SOCI 210Principles of Sociology3POSC 200American Nat. Government3
   Concentration Choose 1:HIST 102PSYC 210SOCI 206GEOG Choose a General Elective3
  15  18
 Second Year  Second Year  
ECON 211Principles of Economics I3ECON 212Principles of Economics II3
Concentration Core Choose 1HIST ____POSC ____PSYC ____SOCI ____If Geography, choose 1 elective3Concentration CoreChoose 1HIST ____POSC ____PSYC ____SOCI ____If Geography, choose 1 elective3
MATH210 or 301Elementary Statistics     orProbability & Statistics3ENGL 201 or 205Humanistic Tradition     orModern Tradition3
SPAN 101 or FREN 101Elementary Spanish I     orElementary French I3SPAN 102 or FREN 102Elementary Spanish II     orElementary French II3
Science/Lab RequirementChoose 1BIOL ____/____CHEM  ____/____ENSC ____/____PHSC ____/____PHYS ____/____4Science/Lab RequirementChoose 1BIOL ____/____CHEM  ____/____ENSC ____/____PHSC ____/____PHYS ____/____4
  16  16
NOTE:  GEOG 290 is a topics course and can be repeated with different topics.
 Third Year  Third Year  
__________General Elective3__________General Elective3
 __________Restricted Social Science Electives6 __________Restricted Social Science Electives6
  __________Research Methods or Restricted Concentration Elective3*  __________Research Methods or Restricted Concentration Elective 3*
  __________ Concentration Core or Restricted Concentration Elective3  __________ Concentration Core or Restricted  Concentration Elective3
  15  15

Fourth Year
Fourth Year
_________General Elective 3__________General Electives 6
__________Restricted Social Science Elective 3 __________Restricted Social Science Elective 3
  __________Research Methods or Restricted Concentration Elective   3*  __________Research Methods or Restricted Concentration Elective 3*
__________Concentration Core or Concentration Elective   3 __________Concentration Core or Concentration Elective   3
 SOSC 490Seminar Social Science or General Elective   3  SOSC 490Seminar Social Science or General Elective   3
   15   18
NOTE:  Courses offered every 2 years or as needed. If needed, schedule these courses when offered or check with the instructor. GEOG Core Courses, PSYC 360, PSYC 385, PSYC 403
*MUST choose only one Research Methods course: SOCI 300 – Fall semesters only, HIST 497 – Spring Semesters only, PSYC 485 – Fall semester every 2 years only but can be followed with PSYC 495 in following Spring for Field Research
**If concentration requirements are met, general electives or concentration electives can be interchanged.