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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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B.A. Regents' Bachelor of Arts

A nontraditional Bachelor of Arts Degree Program oriented to the adult student.

The Regents Bachelor of Arts Degree Program is a nontraditional academic program offered by the baccalaureate degree-granting public institutions of the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission. 

The Regents BA Degree Program (RBA) is an accredited and innovative baccalaureate degree, originally developed by the former West Virginia Board of Regents. The Program is designed to give adults an opportunity to earn a four-year degree in a nontraditional way. A unique feature of the Degree is that students may be awarded credit in the usual manner, in addition to the possibility of earning college equivalent credits for work and other nontraditional learning experiences. In the Regents BA Degree Program, students are able to plan individualized programs of study tailored to meet personal goals.


The Regents BA Degree Program is of excellent academic quality; recipients of the Degree must meet requirements comparable to more conventional baccalaureate degrees. The difference in the two routes toward obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree is the key element of the Regents BA Degree Program. Credit awarded in the conventional manner may be used in the Program and, in addition, college-equivalent credits awarded for work and other applicable nontraditional learning experiences may also apply toward the Degree.


Students entering the Regents BA Degree Program are judged on their own individual merit, and may create unique programs suited to their individual needs. The Degree Program is not designed as an escape outlet for students who are excluded from other traditional academic programs for reasons of poor scholarship. Poor scholarship in early years, however, should not preclude admission of a candidate who has demonstrated the ability to acquire and use knowledge.

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