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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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Alumni Home

Welcome to the Alumni website, your source of information regarding events and services available to Bluefield State College's alumni all over the globe. The Office of Alumni Affairs is the center of alumni work and serves as the liaison between the alumni and Bluefield State College. The Office of Alumni Affairs exists to forge, foster, and facilitate strong, positive relationships between the college and its graduates and to bolster the natural camaraderie which exists among them. To this end, the office is involved in the organization of meetings, reunions, and social activities among alumni groups. It also works in collaboration with other college offices and staff to engage alumni in positive, value-added initiatives, projects and programs that broadly enhance mission-based outcomes. The office aids alumni in establishing, maintaining, and building upon their BSC connections.

The Office of Alumni Affairs also serves as the clearinghouse for events, activities, and the collection of membership dues of the BSC Alumni Association.

The Office of Alumni Affairs is located in the Hatter Hall of the campus. Alumni are always welcome and are encouraged to visit whenever they are in the area.