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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Nearly 100 Students Attend Job Search Clinic at BSC

An audience of more than 100 Bluefield State College students participated in a "Job Search Clinic," organized by the College's Student Support Services, Career & Placement Center, and Business Division faculty member Dr. Debbie Halsey-Hunter. The four components addressed included "Getting it All on Paper--The Perfect Resume," directed by Connie Saunders of Saunders Employment Services; "Dress For Success! What Do You Wear?", presented by Stone & Thomas and narrated by Kathy Epperly (BSC Student Support Services Director); "Questions, Questions. . . .Know All the Answers For Your Interview!," presented by Harry Hull, Human Resource Manager for MAPCO; and "Which Fork Do I Use???--Proper Business Dining Etiquette," directed by Mark Indyke of Fincastle Country Club. More than 90 students participated in the program. "The presenters were very informative and were able to guide students through the maze of obtaining the right job by guiding them in acquiring the skills needed as they seek to begin their professional careers," noted Ewanna Wiley, BSC Student Support Services counselor. "We're very grateful to all of the presenters, and to Stone and Thomas for furnishing the professional apparel and china for two segments of the program," she observed.