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Wednesday, December 17, 2014
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BSC Enters Into Site Participation Agreement with Hospitality News and Education Network

Bluefield State College has entered into a "site participation agreement" with Hospitality News & Education Network d/b/a Hospitality Television ("HTV") whereby the College agrees to participate as an HTV teleconference site by providing facilities and services to assist HTV in conducting its satellite downlink services for teleconferences of HTV's customers. The American Association of Community Colleges and HTV have formed the National Video Communications (NVC) Network--by which HTV operates on their behalf to provide a system to schedule community college facilities for businesses and associations to view teleconferences. Organizers note NVC furnishes the network management system, ensuring the quality of the host facility and the reliability of the satellite provider. "This agreement underscores Bluefield State College's commitment to serve the businesses, industries, and individuals within this region," noted Dr. Thomas Blevins, Director of the Instructional Technology Center and June O. Shott Center for Extended Learning at BSC. "We have upgraded our teleconference facility (the Katharine B. Tierney Center in Dickason Hall) with new video equipment, and it's an outstanding site for teleconference programs." The 72-seat Tierney Center Auditorium includes enhanced video capabilities, large screen projection, computer input, document cameras, and individual microphones at each seat for facilitating live, two-way audio dialogue during a conference. Additional information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Blevins (304-327-4059), Ms. Monica Pilkey at the American Association of Community Colleges (202-728-0200, ext. 2332), or Dr. Carol Gilstrap of HTV (502-580-2670).