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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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BSC Student's Poetry Chosen for Publication in Prestigious National Anthologies (w/photo)

Kathy Hartwell, a Bluefield State College student majoring in humanities, has received awards from national poetry organizations. The Princeton resident has also been notified that two of her poems have been selected for inclusion in prestigious national anthologies. Hartwell received the "Editor's Choice Award" from The National Library of Poetry, which included her poem "The Little Sapling" in the anthology The Long and Winding Road. More recently, Hartwell has been notified that her poem "The Little Rabbit" has been selected for inclusion in the The Best Poems of 1998, the anthology of The National Library of Poetry. The National Library of Poetry receives nearly 8000 submitted works of poetry each month, of which 1500 are selected for publication. The top 100 poems receive "The Editor's Choice Award." Only a small percentage of the poems receiving "The Editor's Choice Awards" along with top poetry from other anthologies have been picked for inclusion in The Best Poems of 1998. Hartwell's poetry is among those submissions receiving consideration as the "Best Poems of 1998." "Writing is a wonderful form of expression for me," Hartwell noted. "My poetry expresses what I have experienced. I know my writing is therapeutic for me, and I hope it is uplifting for those who read it." Hartwell, who has written poetry since the late 1980s, has received numerous awards for her work.