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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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BSC December Activities Review

Campus Activities BSC's Greenbrier Community College Center began activities for relocation of facility to the renovated Greenbrier College for Women building in downtown Lewisburg in time for Spring 1998 Semester classes College conducted World AIDS Week activities, Dec. 1-4, including health fair, dramatic presentation, AIDS quilt display, and educational puppet show Hosted speech at BSC Dec. 9 by Governor Underwood, who visited the College's Bluefield campus upon the invitation of students in a BSC marketing class The 1998 edition of WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES will include the names of 49 student leaders from BSC Presented the BSC Jazz Ensemble's Winter Concert, Dec. 8 Partnership Activities A "Presidential Task Force on the Recruitment of Minorities" conducted its initial meeting. The task force was established to assist and advise the BSC President in developing additional strategies to identify and recruit minority applicants for faculty and professional vacancies at the College BSC received a grant from the West Virginia Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (WVEPSCoR) to purchase a modern printed circuit board and prototyping engraving equipment that will be used to train engineering technology students in every aspect of electrical circuit design Bluefield State College received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Postsecondary Education "for achieving institutional excellence" in serving the needs of students. Telecast throughout Bluefield-area cable system two Bluefield City Board of Directors' meetings and the monthly Mercer County Board of Education meeting The Creative Retirement Center at BSC presented a Christmas "Sing-A-Long," December 11 Continued customized performance evaluation training for Turner Vision (Bluefield, WV). The training (funded through the Governor's Guaranteed Workforce Program) extends into 1998 and provides assistance to the company in implementing a new performance evaluation program Developing a schedule for supervisory training (funded through the Governor's Guaranteed Workforce Program) for EWA Manufacturing Services, Inc. (Beckley, WV) to begin in January Began customized Microsoft Office and database management training (funded through the Governor's Guaranteed Workforce Program) for Tabor Machine Company (Bluefield, WV) Developing customized Statistical Process Control training program (funded through the Governor's Guaranteed Workforce Program) for DS Parts (Bluefield, WV) to begin in January Conducted organizational diagnostic (funded through the Governor's Guaranteed Workforce Program) for Triple S Manufacturing Corporation (Beckley, WV). Also assisted in placement of BSC engineering technology students as engineering apprentices for the company Hosted orientation meeting for Federal News Service Agency, during which the company explained its benefits package to more than 50 new employees Completed beginning and advanced customized training in Microsoft Office for employees at First Century Bank (Bluefield, WV & Wytheville, VA). Developing advanced training and preparing for additional classes for January start Placed an additional BSC student as part of an electrical engineering technology internship at BF Goodrich Aerospace (Union, WV) Attended informational community meeting with Invest in America, a new form projected to bring 900 telemarketing jobs to Bluefield, Daniels, and Welch, WV Completed internal training sessions for faculty and staff in stress management, Microsoft Office, and sending/receiving e-mail. The training is scheduled in partnership with the BSC Department of Human Resources Participated in a meeting of WV Community & Technical Colleges to discuss implementation of a statewide curriculum for paramedic training Director of Center for Economic Enhancement & Educational Outreach is participating as co-chair in development/implementation of the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce's "Youth Leadership Program" BSC Center for International Understanding (CIU) submitted for review by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) a two-week training program on community development for 12 community development leaders from Azerbaijan for projected implementation in February 1998 CIU is preparing for submission to USAID in January 1998: a) Two three-week training proposals on media viability for television station managers for t.v. administrative personnel from Azerbaijan and Georgia; b) Two-week training program proposal for Slovakian industrialist on organizational structure, marketing, and growth of polyurethane products companies Concluded five-week business internships, sponsored by United States Information Agency (USIA), for nine Russian entrepreneurs in various businesses throughout southern West Virginia and southwest Virginia. Program participants were placed with host families as part of the first program of the CIU's "Appalachian Community Connections Project" for 1997-98 CIU submitted to USIA long-term training programs for 1998-99, including: a) Women's Leadership Training through the CIU Russia NIS Bureau in Saratov, Russia, the CIU Washington, D.C. Bureau, and the CIU office at BSC for up to 12 women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and Moldova, and b) U.S. based internships for Russian journalists and media managers CIU is continuing preparations for a trade mission to Russia, May 30-June 30, 1998 CIU defined activities and objectives for CIU offices in Saratov, Russia and Bombay, India, and entered into partnership with a Slovakian firm to implement and promote development projects, the "English as a Second Language" program, and international trade between West Virginia and Eastern Europe Negotiating relationships through the Washington, D.C. Bureau of CIU with foundations and development organizations in Europe for development projects and international trade