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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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BSC Receives Microsoft Software Grant Award

Bluefield State College has been awarded a "Teacher Training Grant" from Microsoft, through which BSC and four area public schools will be able to utilize Microsoft software for a one-year period. The grant furnishes the BSC Instructional Technology Center (ITC) with Microsoft software in a program that permits the College to train public school teachers in Microsoft applications. The teachers trained through the program then return to the four selected public schools and use the software in classrooms and laboratories with their students. According to Dr. Thomas Blevins, Director of the BSC ITC, who wrote the grant proposal, the schools selected "will be BSC Clinical Development Centers which have the necessary equipment to run the software and will be familiar with training BSC student teachers and working with the BSC Division of Education." BSC selected several Clinical Development Centers (CDCs) and trained their personnel before the last NCATE visit to the College. A survey of CDCs will now be conducted to determine what equipment is available at each Center, and to ascertain whether they can run the Microsoft software. Participating Centers will then be selected, after which training will begin and software will be installed. Brushfork Elementary will be one of the four selected CDCs. Through the grant, BSC's ITC will also receive an NT server license for one year, in order to network the Microsoft products and train student teachers. "This is an excellent opportunity for the BSC Division of Education and the Instructional Technology Center to provide for public school teachers training in the latest Microsoft software titles," Blevins noted. "We look forward to partnering with Brushfork Elementary and the other BSC Clinical Development Centers which meet the specific technical requirements for these outstanding software titles."