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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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BSC Director of Instructional Technology Presents Programs on Distance Learning

Dr. Tom Blevins, Director of Bluefield State College's Instructional Technology Center, Center for Extended Learning,, and Academic Computing, has delivered two presentations to regional and national academic organizations recently. In October, Blevins' presentation, "Planning, Delivering, and Evaluating Distance Learning Content Through IPSI (Instructional Performance Systems Software) was a featured event in the "League for Innovation in the Community College's national information technology conference in Atlanta. "The workshop presented the use of IPSI as a distance learning-design tool that participants could use to assist them in designing and quantifying distance learning (DL) course materials and evaluation," Blevins noted. Earlier this month, Blevins conducted the program session, "Designing Instruction for Distance Delivery," at the West Virginia Community College Association's annual meeting in Flatwoods, WV. The program showed participants the necessary steps and thought processes involved in designing distance learning course materials for DL delivery. Blevins observed, "Current, excellent educational pedagogy is essential in assuring that planning, delivery, and evaluation components of distance learning courses are done correctly."