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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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BSC President Appoints Task Force to Advise and Assist in Recruitment of Minority Faculty, Staff, and Students

The creation of a "Presidential Task Force on Recruitment of Minorities" was announced today by Bluefield State College President Dr. Robert Moore. The 11-member task force will assist and advise the BSC president in developing additional strategies to identify and recruit qualified minority applicants for faculty and professional vacancies at the College, and will assist the institution in its ongoing effort to recruit minority students. "This task force includes outstanding African-American leaders, many of whom are BSC alumni, from throughout the region," Moore noted. "The members will have a vital role in assisting the College as we seek to address the need for diversity within our faculty and greater diversity among students and staff." The task force includes Sylvester Myers (Chair/BSC Institutional Advisory Board), Bluefield attorney J. Franklin Long, Beckley attorney Donald Pitts, Dr. Clifford Moore (Director, Council of the Southern Mountains), Mary Frances Brammer (Title I Facilitator, Bluefield Middle School), Dr. Jean Gilbert (Director/Appalachian Academic Development Center), Michael Henry (Director of Student Services, Southwest Virginia Community College), Robert Chambers (Counseling & Program Development, Southwest Virginia Community College), Virginia Hebert (retired educator), Ergie Smith (retired educator), and the Reverend Garry Moore (Pastor, Scott Street Baptist Church and member, Bluefield City Board of Directors). Bluefield State College currently advertises faculty and professional vacancies in the human resources offices of each of the more than 100 Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the nation, as well as in the nationally-distributed publication Black Issues in Higher Education. Dr. Marvin Rogers, Director of the Title III/BRACE program at BSC has alerted, consulted, and actively sought to interest and recruit for BSC position vacancies minority faculty and staff candidates from other institutions of higher education. Beyond his major responsibilities at the College, Dr. Rogers has also helped to recruit minority students, many of whom are now enrolled at Bluefield State. "This task force will be an active, vital group," Dr. Moore said. "My desire is that the combined energy and talent of this task force and the ongoing efforts at Bluefield State College will result in the addition of minority faculty, and an increase in the number of minority students and staff at this institution."