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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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BSC RBA Degree Program Designed for Adults Seeking to Complete Requirements for Bachelor's Degree

The Regents Bachelor of Arts (RBA) degree program at Bluefield State College is designed for adults who have had their college education interrupted or who have never attended college. Through the program, adults can earn college credit for equivalent learning experience. Many courses utilize a compressed time frame, and some meet only on Saturdays so that they may fit into the busy schedules of working adults. Admission is open only to those who have graduated from high school at least four years ago. Credits may be earned through transfer work and military experience, as well as College Equivalent Credits (CEC). CECs are awarded for certain kinds of work or learning experiences, certificates, and licenses. Only those experiences which have resulted in verifiable college level learning can earn CECs. Additionally, any "F's" received by the student four years or more before admission to the program are disregarded in computing the grade point average, although they are not actually removed from the permanent records. Although 128 semester hours of college credit are required to earn an RBA degree, many of those hours may be earned through previous experience. Of the 128 hours, 40 must be upper division, and at least 36 must be in general education, including communications (six hours), humanities (six hours), natural sciences (six hours), social sciences (six hours), and mathematical sciences or computer applications (three hours). "The RBA program provides flexibility, permitting students to fulfill individual needs from courses that are most appropriate for their educational goals," program director Annette Osborne noted. "Earning my RBA degree has definitely given me more options, not to mention the boost it gave my self-esteem at a challenging point in my life," one program graduated noted recently. "I highly recommend the RBA program," another graduate wrote. "It is wonderful for working professionals wishing to better themselves." A minimum 2.0 grade point average is required for graduation, and 24 classroom credit hours must be earned at any of the colleges and universities in West Virginia's public higher education system. Students in the RBA degree program note a wide variety of advantages through the program, including flexibility of academic requirements, career enhancement, personal satisfaction, structuring of academic curriculum to career goals, and opportunity to continue their current jobs as they pursue the RBA degree. Additional information on the RBA program may be obtained by calling Annette Osborne at (304) 327-4501. October 15, 1997