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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Brammer Addresses Large Audience at BSC's Founder's Day Dinner

Mary Frances Brammer, Title I Facilitator at Bluefield Middle School, delivered the keynote address at Bluefield State College's Founder's Day Dinner, October 17 at the BSC Student Union. BSC President Dr. Robert Moore reflected upon the College's establishment in 1895. "We come together this evening to celebrate the founding of this institution 102 years ago," he said. "We celebrate their perseverance against significant challenges. This institution has prospered over the years from that beginning. At Founder's Day, we bring back to BSC individuals who have graduated from this institution and have subsequently succeeded in their professions. Mary Frances Brammer is certainly a Bluefield State College success story." A 1964 BSC graduate and career educator, Brammer encouraged students attending BSC to utilize their education to help themselves and those around them in the years to come. "This College is doing something for the students here that they can never forget," she noted. "Through blood, sweat, and tears. . . dedication and long hours of planning, you are being prepared for life, and your commitment to excellence is a lifetime commitment." Brammer, the Mercer County "Reading Teacher of the Year," and the Chapter I "Regional Teacher of the Year," added, "I encourage each of you to proclaim your rarity--you are one in a billion. Remember you are one of a kind. God created all of us," she said, "and I encourage you to share your talents. Go into your schools, into your community, and help others with the talents God gave you." She reminded the audience of more than 150 that happiness comes through self-acceptance. She noted, "Don't be afraid to ask for help. We all need help at sometime. Nobody makes it alone." The Mercer County Education Association's "Outstanding Black Educator" for 1995," Brammer told the Founder's Day audience to stand for what is right. "Be like a postage stamp, sticking to something until it gets to where it should be," she stated. In closing, she added, "Do all these things with love in your heart, and remember, love isn't love unless it is given away." Her numerous volunteer activities include in-school coordination for the Educational Talent Search Program, and she received special recognition for her involvement in a community project "In Our Own Backyard," that linked BSC, the City of Bluefield and the Northside community in programs of improvement. She and her husband, former Bluefield major Rudolph Brammer (BSC class of 1948), also rode in the grand marshall's car during the BSC Homecoming parade.