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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Greenbrier Community College Center of BSC Announces Human Relations Course

The Greenbrier Community College Center of Bluefield State College will present the course "Human Relations," during the Fall 1997 Semester. The course targets employees who work closely with clients or other employees. It is designed to address observations by employers that more employees fail in their jobs because of the inability to get along with fellow workers or customers than because of poor job skills or lack of knowledge. Students in the class will examine psychological principles used in creating effective human relationships. More specifically, they will investigate the areas of human needs, values, perceptions, group dynamics, and active listening. An important part of the course is the role-playing and group activity designed to illustrate the theories learned in the class by permitting students to practice the techniques they have studied. This course will stand alone as a valuable continuing education experience for employees in every occupational field where interpersonal relations are important to job performance. In addition, the course will count toward "certificates of completion" in GCCC's Legal Office Assisting and Medical Office Assisting continuing education programs. These programs, while not leading to formal degrees or certificates, result in recognition by the college and credit on the college transcript. Many of the courses will count toward related associate degrees. Psychology 290, "Human Relations," meets at GCCC on Wednesday evenings, at 7 p.m. Registration is August 14-15 at BSC's Greenbrier Community College Center. Classes begin August 20. Contact the GCCC Students Services Office (645-3303) for more information.