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Saturday, December 20, 2014
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Two BSC Business Faculty Participate in "Academy of Management"

Bluefield State College Business Division faculty members Dr. Steve Bourne and Associate Professor John Snead were featured presenters at the recent "Academy of Management," the nation's premier organization for management faculty. Bourne and Snead presented "Environmental Determinants of Organized Ethical Climate: A Community Perspective," at the annual meeting in Boston, MA. Their program focused upon how a community's values and norms can impact a business or industry located in that region. A company can't come into an area and establish its own "climate" as easily as it may think, Bourne noted. Snead observed that, when a company comes into a region, it will be most successful when it takes into account the norms and standards of the people living there. "Our experience at the Academy of Management underscores the need for Bluefield State College to continue to do research," Bourne said. "Such a commitment enables our faculty to remain abreast of current developments and technological advances in their field, and to learn what is happening at other institutions." Snead observed, "There's a large amount of good research conducted at the nation's leading business schools, but the Academy also demonstrated that there's a significant amount of very relevant scholarly research being conducted at several smaller institutions of higher education." The BSC business faculty pair's scholarly submission was submitted to the Academy of Management for blind review by three colleagues, with less than 30% of all submissions accepted for inclusion in the Academy meeting. Peter Senge, author of The Fifth Discipline, and Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Harvard Business School faculty member and author of Frontiers of Management, were keynote speakers at the four-day Academy of Management convention. Bourne and Snead agreed that their experience at the Academy will provide long term dividends for both. "It was stimulating," Bourne noted. "You are exposed to many new approaches. Often, something said during a program triggers new ideas." "In addition to the factual information available, there's a rich diversity of the streams of research at the Academy," Snead added, "and there's abundant opportunity to network to other business faculty throughout the nation." At the Academy, Bourne and Snead met an international business educator now on the faculty at West Virginia State College, who noted that business trends identified in their presentation are also apparent in relationships between business and the regions in which they are located throughout the world. They discussed opportunities for collaborating and expanding upon their theme of "Environmental Determinants of Organizational Ethical Climate."