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Friday, December 09, 2016
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“” Includes Bluefield State College Among American Colleges With Most Affordable Out-of-State Tuition

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    Thursday, April 17 2014
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    Jim Nelson/Media Relations - (304) 327-4103

(Bluefield)—The college planning site has included Bluefield State College in a list of the 50 colleges and universities in America with the most affordable out-of-state tuition.

"With the rising cost of tuition, students who would otherwise like to go away to college are kept close to home due to the prohibitive cost of out of state tuition," noted Laura Daniels, Outreach Coordinator. "Our list shows these students that affordable options for studying as a non-resident do exist." The list provides a data-driven resource for students who would like to study in another state, but are also concerned about the additional expenses this decision might incur, Daniels added.

BSC, which also offers the most affordable, in-state full-time student tuition among all West Virginia four-year colleges and universities, was the only West Virginia institution of higher education to be included on the list. "Affordability has been a key component of Bluefield State's mission since the College's founding in 1895," noted Dr. Marsha Krotseng, BSC President. "With 14 nationally accredited programs of study, a BSC degree offers outstanding value for our West Virginia residents as well as for students from other states and countries."

Each school on the list offers four-year baccalaureate degree programs for incoming students, has an enrollment of at least 900 students, and offers degree programs that span a wide range of academic subjects.