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Saturday, December 03, 2016
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BSC Student Team Wins World Title in Business Simulation Competition

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    Tuesday, May 28 2013
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    Jim Nelson/Media Relations - (304) 327-4103
sean cornelius and justin joseph
Bluefield State College students Sean Cornelius (left) and Justine Joseph (right) are pictured with BSC faculty advisor Darrel Malamisura, shortly after they won a world championship at the GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) business simulation competition.

(Bluefield)—Two Bluefield State College students have won a world championship at the GLO-BUS Best-Strategy Invitational (BSI) business simulation competition. BSC seniors Justin Joseph and Sean Cornelius partnered to create one team that competed against 118 teams from institutions of higher education throughout the world. Teams were separated into 11 different simulation industries, each vying for a BSI grand championship.

The competition was hosted and administered by GLO-BUS, a completely online business strategy game that parallels the functioning of real-world industries, requiring student partners to draw upon the information and lessons of prior courses, consolidating students' knowledge about different aspects of running a company. Joseph and Cornelius also received BSI Grand Champion designation, extended to less than one percent of GLO-BUS competitors.

Both BSC students said they were honored to represent BSC in the business simulation competition. Joseph observed, "It was a strenuous experience because the two-week event began one week before our spring semester final exams and continued through finals week. This business simulation allowed me to apply technical, statistical and leadership skills, and also brought together the entire range of endeavors concerning business operations in one solid lesson. I am definitely attending graduate school and am looking forward to advancing my degree."

"The Glo-Bus is a business strategy competition that captures almost every aspect of managing your own company; product design, marketing, production, distribution, labor compensation, corporate citizenship, and financing," Cornelius added. "We put a great amount of time into this competition, so it was truly gratifying that our hard work was rewarded."

"Justin and Sean have shown that they can take all of what they have learned in other classes at BSC and use it to run a virtual company in an International setting and succeed against competition from top schools across the Globe," BSC faculty advisor Darrel Malamisura said. "Their hard work and dedication to learning and participating in this simulation shows that they can compete against the best the world has to offer."