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Friday, December 09, 2016
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Dr. Robert Lowinger Combines Career and Academic Experiences to Develop Robust Research Initiatives

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    Monday, October 08 2012
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dr robert lowinger(Bluefield)—Combining his experience in both public administration and education, Dr. Robert Lowinger has undertaken a pair of research initiatives whose results will be published later this year in professional journals.  Lowinger, who joined the Bluefield State College faculty this semester as an Assistant Professor of Psychology, will also discuss his research at the Bluefield State College Faculty Research Symposium later this semester.

His research summary, “The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for PTSD in New York City Transit Workers:  A Preliminary Evaluation,” will be included in the December 2012 issue of North American Journal of Psychology. It examines the effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy, whereby false beliefs and misperceptions held by an individual, when challenged constructively, can help to correct behavior that had been based on those false beliefs.

A second research effort, entitled “College Students’ Perceptions of Severity and Willingness to Seek Psychological Help for Alcohol Problems” is also scheduled for publication in the College Student Journal, December 2012 issue.  “This research yielded several interesting findings,” the BSC faculty member continued.  “In the past, drugs and alcohol problems have been linked together.  However, our research pointed to the fact that students see drugs as a serious problem, but often view alcohol problems as ‘not a big deal.’”

After for several years in research, statistical and policy analysis in New York State Government, Lowinger received a Doctorate in Educational Psychology and Statistics, then spent several years in private industry, administering and overseeing research and statistics.  He then embarked on the next chapter in his career as an educator, teaching on a parttime basis at several colleges in the New York City area.

I thoroughly enjoyed the educational dynamic and decided to pursue a fulltime teaching position,” he explained.  “I applied at Bluefield State College and after talking to (BSC Provost) Dr. Lewis Jones and (Minority Health Institute Director) Dr. Anthony Woart, I realized the opportunity at BSC was a perfect fit.  My research was very compatible with many of the Minority Health Institute initiatives that Dr. Woart was pursuing."