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Friday, December 09, 2016
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BSC Faculty Member Updates Well-Known Virginia Fishing Guide Book

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    Monday, August 29 2011
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    Jim Nelson/Media Relations - (304) 327-4103

dr_michael_smith(Bluefield)—Bluefield State College faculty member Dr. Michael Smith is an accomplished author and fishing guide, having written five fishing books, packed with information that's helpful for successfully fishing in regional lakes and streams. Recently, he completed an assignment to update The Virginia Fishing Guide, a book often called the "Virginia fisherman's bible."

The book, written by the late Bob Gooch, was originally published in 1988. "It was a daunting task," Dr. Smith noted. "When The University of Virginia Press contacted me about the project, I was entrusted with not only the responsibility of editing a classic work of Virginia outdoor literature, but also with 'collaborating' as it were, with a true legend in the business and a man whom I greatly admire, Bob Gooch."

The Internet wasn't as readily available in 1988 as it is today, Smith explained. Thus, he added web addresses for a variety of state and federal government agencies, as well as regional maps, new and revised regulations, and updated stocking schedules. "I played more of an editorial role with this book than with the five fishing books, I had previously written," he noted. The updated version also includes a new preface and appendices.

Smith, BSC Professor of English and Associate Dean of Humanities, has also submitted a review by invitation of Simulation in Media & Culture, a new edited collection by Robin DeRosa which looks at the hyperreal—the state of being more real than the real—in television, film, gaming, and cultural identity.