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Sunday, December 21, 2014
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"Lunch and Learn" Seminar at BSC Features Program on Stress Management

Participants in the June 26 "Lunch & Learn" seminar at Bluefield State College focused upon techniques for managing stress in positive ways. Betty Blevins, (BSN, MSN) Associate Professor of Nursing at BSC, directed the program.

Blevins noted, "Stress is something we have to encounter. We can't escape it. In fact," she added, "some stress moves us forward and causes us to grow. However, we don't want stress to overwhelm us."

She reviewed symptoms and external manifestations of stress, and told seminar participants that stress can accelerate the onset of physical problems like coronary heart disease. "Additionally," she said, "our immune systems don't work as well when we are stressed." She noted that one study indicated that laughter can be a stress-reducer and can enhance the efficiency of the body's immune system.

Seminar attendees took part in a series of relaxation techniques and stress relievers. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce and Bluefield State.