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Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Princeton Police Department Recognizes BSC Students and Faculty for Assistance in In-Service Training

Two students and one faculty member in Bluefield State College's criminal justice program have been extended special recognition for their involvement in the most recent "in-service" training program presented by the Princeton Police Department.

Students Mildred Maddy and Charles McKenzie, along with William Aldridge, assistant professor of criminal justice, were given "Certificates of Appreciation" for their work during the "Patrol Officer Firearms Basics" training program in April.

"Both Mildred and Charles displayed a genuine interest in the training," noted Sgt. Richard Mann, II, Police Firearms Instructor/Princeton PD. "They were were programmed to react and respond to the actions and mistakes of the participating officers. Not only did they do this well, but they also applied their ingenuity and performed well above what was expected."

In the "Certificate of Appreciation" to Prof. Aldridge, Mann noted, "You are a fine example of the type of individuals we need instructing the law enforcement professionals of tomorrow."

During the week of this in-service training program, the BSC representatives assisted with the training of 58 police officers from six different departments.