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Saturday, December 10, 2016
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BSC & Russian University Sign Agreement to Carry Out Joint Training & Research

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    Wednesday, July 27 2011
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    Jim Nelson/Media Relations - (304) 327-4103

Dr. Sergey Zhigulev of Kostroma State University, Russia (left), Julia Lazareva of the Academic Exchanges Office at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow (center), and Dr. Sudhakar Jamkhandi, Coordinator/BSC Office of International Initiatives, are pictured outside the gate of the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, Russia, displaying a five-year Agreement of Cooperation between Bluefield State College and Kostroma State University, Russia, to collaborate in the area of training, education, and research.

(Bluefield)—Bluefield State College and Kostroma State University, Russia, have signed a five-year “Agreement of Cooperation” to collaborate in the area of training, education, and research.

The agreement was signed by Rassadin Nikolai Mikhailovich, Rector of Kostroma State University, and Dr. Albert Walker, President of Bluefield State College.  Dr. Sudhakar Jamkhandi, Coordinator/BSC Office of International Initiatives, and Dr. Robin Ware, BSC Off Campus Coordinator, participated in the formal ceremony at Kostroma State University during which the agreement was formalized.

The accord provides several joint collaborative initiatives, including:

  • · Joint grant proposal development to fund research within the science programs;
  • · Organization of joint science conferences and seminars, as well as publication of joint scientific articles and monographs;
  • · Teacher exchanges for lectures, special courses, internships (practice) and other forms of curricular improvement;
  • · Post-graduate and undergraduate student exchanges, and;
  • · Exchange of special literature, scientific journals, collections, monographs, and teaching aids.

The agreement can be extended beyond five years with the agreement of both participating institutions of higher education.

“This agreement signals the beginning of a new era in BSC’s study abroad program offerings and internationalization of BSC’s curriculum,” Dr. Jamkhandi noted.  “It is the culmination of dialogs held in 2010-2011 between Fulbright Scholar in Residence from Kostroma State University, Dr. Sergey Zhigulev, and BSC’s administration, especially BSC’s Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Don Smith, VP for Finance and Administration Shelia Johnson, VP for Student Affairs and Enrollment John Cardwell, and Executive Director, Title III/Academic Outreach Programs Executive Director Dr. Felica Wooten Williams.”

This agreement manifests BSC President Dr. Albert L Walker’s vision of diversification of West Virginia’s higher education institutions, which the WV Higher Education Policy advocates and mandates,” Jamkhandi continued. “Starting in the summer of 2012, we hope BSC students will opt to study Russian, Russian History, and Russian Economics at Kostroma State University and we hope that some of our Language Arts majors will want to teach English for International Students there, too.”