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Wednesday, December 07, 2016
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“Everyday Math" Series Workshop Conducted for BSC & Concord Education Majors (w/photos)

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    Tuesday, November 02 2010
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Everyday_Math_Workshop CU_Education_Students_Math_Workshop
(Left-to-right) Bluefield Intermediate School teachers Julie Miller, Carol Scott, Debbie Peery, Gail Faw, and Rama Cardwell recently conducted an “Everyday Math” workshop for Bluefield State College and Concord University education student.  The session supplemented teacher candidates’ familiarity with the new “Everyday Math” series adopted by Mercer County Schools.
Several Bluefield State College and Concord University students participated in a recent workshop, conducted by Bluefield Intermediate School faculty members to familiarize the students with the “Everyday Math” series that has been adopted for use in Mercer County Schools.

(Bluefield)—Five Mercer County teachers presented a workshop for Bluefield State College and Concord University students on “Everyday Math,” the series recently adopted by the county. The workshop was proposed by Rama Cardwell, a fourth grade teacher at Bluefield Intermediate School.  She noted that the workshop would help teacher candidates augment their familiarity with the series before they begin their student teaching.

Thirty-one students, along with Dr. Rick Druggish (Concord University), Dr. Sheila Sargent-Martin, Dr. Darrell Thompson, Dr. Betsy Steenken, and Dr. Tom Blevins (BSC) and Mrs. Sandra Puckett (Coordinating Consultant/Bluefield State College Consortium of Professional Development Schools) participated in the workshop.

An overview of the program, including specific activities and assessment criteria, was presented.  “Teacher candidates were enthusiastic about the seminar,” observed Dr. Steenken (Director/BSC Teacher Education Program).  “They understand that the information provided during the workshop will help them as they begin student teaching.”